Santa Cruz de Tenerife – International Junior Tournament


Since 1990, UNELCO Basketball Club has organized the “International Junior Tournament of Isla de Tenerife”. During this time, the tournament had the participation of first level international teams, and at regional level, with the participation of the best regional clubs and selections made with the best regional players from the Canaries.


The Tournament consolidated as a reference during Christmas season in basketball for the junior category at international level.


A long record of young promises that today are reference in Spanish basketball played in our tournament. Sergio Rodríguez from Tenerife, or players like Juan Carlos Navarro and Pau Gasol (FC Barcelona), Pablo Aguilar (Real Madrid) or Victor Claver (Pamesa), Roberto Guerra and Mario Fernández (Gran Canaria), Felipe Reyes (Real Madrid), Daniel Clark (Estudiantes), and other players from our club like Oliver Arteaga, Jaime Heras, Richi Guillen, Sergio Vidal (Tau), Carlos Suárez (Estudiantes), Eduardo Hernández-Sonseca , Nacho Guigou, Álex López, Pedro Fariña, Iván Báez… and many more.


At club level, the tournament is proud to have the participation of first level:

National teams such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Joventut Badalona, Estudiantes, Pamesa Valencia, Kai Zaragoza, Unicaja, Gran Canaria, Telde Heidelberg, CBA Academy, etc…

International team such as CSKA Moscow, Olympia de Ljubljana, Tofaş de Estabmul, Switzerland National Team, Stella Azurra (Roma), among others.


Regional teams joining CB Unelco, teams from all the Canary Islands have participated during this period: C.B. Santa Cruz, Basket Arona de Tenerife or Gran Canaria Group Dunas and C.B. Telde.


The tournament is also famous for organizing shooting and slam dunk competitions where the qualities of young talent have been seen.


All these years, the venue of the tournament has been the Municipal Palace of Sports of Santa Cruz de Tenerife which hosted the official venue of the Basketball World Cup held in Spain “World-Basket 1986”. The venue has one of the best courts to play basketball in Tenerife with capacity for almost 5,000 spectators.


2016 International Junior Tournament



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This year, the tournament is back and will be held in Santa Cruz de Tenerife central arena, December 14-16, 2016.

As usual, this year the tournament will have the participation of first level teams. Participant teams are:

2015 Junior International Tournament


Next we include a video of the final from the last edition of the junior tournament, CSKA Moscow vs FC Barcelona, and pictures of the teams and trophy delivery.

Tournament presentation


Trophy Ceremony

Trophy Room

Throughout all these years organizing the tournament we have had the participation of several relevant teams at national and international level.

These were the finals and champions (in bold) of all the editions of the tournament:


  • 2015 FC Barcelona (CSKA Moscú)
  • 2011 FIATC Juventud (Canarias Basket Academy)
  • 2010 Real Madrid (KK Union Olimpija)
  • 2009 FC Barcelona (KK Union Olimpija)
  • 2008 Pamesa Valencia (KK Union Olimpija)
  • 2007 FC Barcelona (UNELCO Cajacanarias)
  • 2006 Gran Canaria (UNELCO Cajacajanarias)
  • 2005 Real Madrid (Gran Canaria)
  • 2004 Estudiantes (Real Madrid)
  • 2003 Joventut (Estudiantes)
  • 2002 Estudiantes (Joventut)
  • 2001 FC Barcelona ( Selección Canaria)
  • 2000 FC Barcelona (Real Madrid)
  • 1999 Pamesa Valencia (Selección Canaria)
  • 1998 FC Barcelona ( Real Madrid)
  • 1997 Real Madrid (Pamesa Valencia)
  • 1996 Hospitalet (Estudiantes)
  • 1995 Real Madrid (FC Barcelona)
  • 1994 UNELCO (Zaragoza)

MVPs Tournament


Many promising players have participated in the tournament before becoming stars.

These are the MVP players of all editions of the tournament:

  • 2015 Eric Vila (FC Barcelona)
  • 2011 Sergi Hernández (FIATC Juventud)
  • 2010 Luka Rupkin (KK Union Olimpija)
  • 2009 Jan Span (KK Union Olimpija)
  • 2008 Pedro Fariña (UNELCO Cajacanarias)
  • 2007 Nicola Mirotic (Real Madrid)
  • 2006 Patrik Gnagbo (UNELCO Cajacanarias)
  • 2005 Fran Flores (Real Madrid)
  • 2004 Daniel Clark (Estudiantes)
  • 2003 Sergio Rodríguez (Estudiantes)
  • 2002 Rudy Fernández (Joventut)
  • 2001 Xavi Terren (Zaragoza)
  • 2000 Mario Fernández (FC Barcelona)
  • 1999 Hernández Sonseca (Real Madrid)