Know about our history
It all started from the creation of a team within UNELCO company (Unión Eléctrica de Canarias), the regional electricity  provider in the Canary Islands. The idea was to participate in an internal tournament at national level, with other company fellows. Later, that group of basketball enthusiasts, all workers of the company, founded a Basketball Club called Unelco in 1974 to simply continue playing basketball more time. In that way, they were incorporated as a team to official local competitions organized by the Tenerife Basketball Federation, thus becoming UNELCO Basketball Club.
Starting in 1987, the sponsorship of Unelco-ENDESA becomes the real engine behind this project and it inspires a change of orientation in the policy and vision of the Club, giving absolute preponderance to the work of nurturing future basketball players by allowing a considerable increase in the structure of the Club. Since then, the Club became a benchmark for men’s basketball in Tenerife and the Canary Islands.
During all these years of involved in sports, the Club has achieved numerous relevant achievements in all levels and categories. We can highlight a number of championship titles at insular level in Tenerife, regional level in the Canary Islands, and at national level in Spain.
It is also especially remarkable the successes achieved by the Second National Division team that holds several participations in promotion playoffs for LEB League (second most important league besides professional ACB), obtaining promotion in two occasions. But titles are not our most important goal. It is working with kids and transforming them into basketball players. Several players have been educated in our base teams, and played later in relevant professional teams at international level.
The most notorious case is Sergio Rodriguez, who was formed in the lower categories of UNELCO until the jump to Estudiantes and later to the NBA,Real Madrid and now back to the NBA. But there are others.
From his ranks there have been numerous players who have competed in Spanish professional leagues (ACB, LEB, LEB2, EBA), European (LEGA Italiana) and even in the United States at college level (NCAA). Many have also been the young people who have formed in our teams and have defended as players the jersey of the Spanish National team in all categories. Likewise, the Club has also served as a pool of coaches, some of our coaches have participated in some of the most important state competitions, and even as managers for other clubs, federations, etc.
The values of the Club and the involvement and love for the game of all its coaches have permeated down to all of categories and players throughout the Club’s history over the last 40 years. This involvement, together with the talent and the illusion contributed by the players is what has allowed the club to achieve all these great achievements during these years.


Championships & titles

Our players

Relevant players that played in UNELCO


Liga NBA

Sergio Rodríguez


Liga Universitaria NCAA



Alejandro Sánchez Henningsen

Manuel Sánchez Henningsen

David Delgado

Patrick Gnagbo


Liga ACB


Sergio Rodríguez

Ricardo Guillén

Diego Fajardo

Oliver Arteaga

Edy Lavin

Carlos García

Alvaro Batista

Iván Báez

Nacho Guigou

Alex López

Julio Lacaba


Internacionales con España


Ricardo Guillén

Sergio Rodríguez

Diego Fajardo

Oliver Arteaga

Jaime Heras

Ricardo González-Roca

Manuel Sánchez Henningsen

Alejandro Sánchez Henningsen

Efren de León

Eudaldo Aboy

Francisco Javier Flores

Elyoenay Rodríguez

Ignacio Guigou

Alejandro López

Pedro Fariña

Carlos Vivas

Alberto Díaz

Pedro Fanjul

Adman Omeragic

Thomas Van Haaren

Otras Ligas Profesionales (LEB, LEB2, EBA)


Marcos Goya

Julio Cabrera

Alejandro Franco

Santiago De León

Eduardo Diaz

Jaime Heras

Ricardo González-Roca

Juan José Fariña

Herminio Rodriguez

David Dominguez

Luis Ravelo

Joaquin Real

Francisco Gonzalez

Ancor Garcia

Mario Santana

Moisés Martin

Francisco Toledo

Luis Delgado

Eudaldo Aboy

Eduardo De La Rosa

David Gonzalez

Manuel Sanchez Henningsen

David Garcia

Jairo Padrón

Daniel González

Santiago Alonso

Francisco Flores

Nacor Barrios

Samuel Albertos

Miguel Angel Alvarez

Alejandro Sánchez Henningsen

Jesús Medina

Enrique Sacramento

Patrick Gnagbo

Nichel Hernandez

Will Koutouan

Serge Konan

Diatta Diop

Alex Martín

Oliver Salazar

Carlos Vivas

Doudou Dieye

Modou Mbaye

Pedro Fariña

Social Responsibility

Social implication in Africa

unelco-obra-socialSince 2005, and in response to the growing drama of illegal immigration living on our islands, the Club decided to take a step further and extended the reach of the  scholarships program at that time, aimed to help kids in the Canaries, to boys from the African continent, with the incorporation of the program “Social Involvement in Africa.” For the Club, this meant an enormous economic effort pursuing a crucial social challenge. Thanks to basketball the Club was able to offer programs of social assistance and involvement in the development of less economically developed countries. The program has helped during all these years a number of boys who have even managed to develop a professional career thanks to the opportunity offered by basketball and our club.

Therefore, for several years now, the Club has been developing a policy of collaboration with various schools in several African countries, especially Senegal and Cape Verde. These schools are located in marginal and depressed areas within the very precarious economic and social context of these countries. For this reason, there are very few, if any, public or private funding or aid programs developing these areas, so their economic, social and sports situation are very deficient.
Therefore, in 2005 the Club founded a “Sports and Study Scholarship Program”, for young athletes from the African continent willing to take the opportunity for academics and sports in our the Canary Islands. Our program is intended to provide kids with low level of economic resources or social development, but show a good academic profile besides promising basketball skills.
During all these years, african kids have lived a great personal experience while enjoying the experience of knowing another country, a different culture and as they integrate into a high level basketball club in Spain.
Sports and Study Scholarship Program for Africa develops a two-way social implication:
  • It helps schools in African countries to improve their infrastructures, materials and knowledge in order to improve their educational work in the best possible conditions.
  • It offers scholarships to young athletes of these schools to move to the Canary Islands and develop academically and in basketball.

unelco-obra-social-1The program gives scholarships to those African boys who, with sports talent, show above all excellent academic skills, and thus to be able to find in this program the necessary way to make possible their dreams with an opportunity for education and growing up in our islands thanks to basketball.