40 Anniversary of the Club

More than 40 years of basketball

UNELCO Basketball Club was founded in 1974 with an objective of promoting and disseminating Basketball in the Canary Islands. This objective still holds true today.

During this period many have been those who have been part of the UNELCO family and have made possible our history leveraging numerous achievements and championships with our participation in various regional, national and international competitions in all categories.

UNELCO Basketball Club is now a non-profit sport association that celebrated its 40th Anniversary back in 2014. Since then, the Club has scheduled a series of commemorative events that it wants to share with society and especially with all the coaches and players who have been involved with our club for all these years.

historia-cbunelcoIt requires a special mention the involvement of the Electric Company of the Canary Islands -UNELCO, that made possible since 1974, until it later joined ENDESA, the creation of the Club and accompanied our Club for many years with its social and economic involvement. It is also worth mentioning the participation of many other organizations and public administrations that have collaborated during all these years with the Club to make possible the involvement of the Club with the society in the Canary Islands, and especially in the Municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Within the club’s policy of promoting basketball in the Canary Islands, the Club initiated a number of actions to invest in the development of basketball talent in the islands with the provision of scholarships for kids from all the islands. Thanks to these efforts, many young players from all over the Canaries moved to Tenerife where they attended to school and joined our base teams in different categories. After 2005, the Club extended the scope of these scholarships with the incorporation of the “Scholarships in Africa” program. This meant a significant economic effort for the club, but proved worth taking the risk after many years providing opportunities to a number of kids through basketball.
Our program also implies collaborating with schools and providing social assistance and involvement in a number of less developed countries in Africa, like Senegal or Cape Verde. we are proud to say that many boys, especially from Senegal, have already been welcomed, and have developed a professional career thanks to the opportunity offered by UNELCO Basketball Club.
Currently the Club is organizing a series of events in which we intend to have as many old players, coaches, friends and collaborators as possible that will be announced soon. So we encourage former team members, coaches or collaborators to contact us.