Information about the Junior Tournament

We have created two communication channels for the Junior Tournament. One is the Official Facebook Tournament. Facebook XX Junior Santa Cruz Tournament And soon the official website, where you can see the results of the matches and their chronicles. Junior Tournament...

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Confirmed Tournament Schedule

We enclose the complete calendar of all matches and separated by groups. General Group A Group B Download in PDF GENERAL SCHEDULE GROUP A GROUP...

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Koaussi Konan mvp con solo 4 tiros de campo

Koaussi Konan, actualmente jugador del Egües y formado en nuestro club, MVP con 40 de valoración con sólo 4 tiros de campo… A continuación el enlace de la noticia. Koaussi Konan mvp con solo 4 tiros de campo...

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The UNELCO Basketball Club is constituted as a Non-Profit Sports Entity that has been working for basketball since 1974.

The work of the Club and the involvement of its coaches, who accompany the boys from an early age to the higher categories, is based on a great personal involvement and love for basketball, which begins in the directive and has moved to all The levels of the Club during all its trajectory in these 40 years of life.


All our teams in competition of the current season.

Also the different generations of equipment that we have had over the years.


Since 1990 the UNELCO Basketball Club has organized the Junior International Tournament Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Our sponsors

Official organizations